Are You Suffering From Any Panic Disorder and Substance Abuse?

The National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, as well as other organizations dedicated to identifying and also treating mental health problems, often report a high correlation between the conclusion of a certain mental health disorder and also a propensity to abuse drugs.

No single clarification has ever been shown to be a correct explanation of how a certain mental health disorder can lead to the final development of a certain substance use disorder or how a certain substance use disorder can cause the development of many other psychological disorders, despite the fact that there are many different possible details for this strong association.

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The finding that a sizable proportion of people with panic disorder may also be candidates for a drug use problem applies equally to people with panic disorder.

Generally, one can anticipate that at least 20% of all people diagnosed with panic disorder also have a co-occurring drug use problem, however this percentage may vary depending on the situation.

People frequently experience panic disorder before they experience substance use disorder, while the association has also frequently been found to be the opposite.

Research shows that this condition only arises if the person truly feels that consuming the substance can regulate their panic attacks. Some people will self-medicate with particular substances, like alcohol, to minimize the discomfort connected with their occasional panic attacks.

They are much less prone to take drugs if they are not fully devoted to this ideology. Keep in mind that feeling out of control is a common sign of panic attacks, and that people with panic disorder not believing that misusing alcohol or drugs will help them manage their symptoms will be less prone to developing substance use problems.

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