What other options are available to traditional dental treatment?

Are you thinking of investing in overall dental health? If yes, it is a good decision. If you think of having permanent teeth for a lifetime, you should take good care. Dental problems can be reduced if you maintain good oral hygiene. It is suggested young children must visit the dentist twice a year. Modern procedures in recent years have developed that mean dental treatment can be carried out with less pain. Do you know that holistic dentistry is an alternative to traditional dental care? It is an alternative medical treatment. In current years, this dentistry has grown vogue. Today, many people like a holistic approach with natural remedies for dental issues. Thus holistic dentistry is evolving. Holistic dentists are dentists who use holistic techniques for treating a patient. Some dentists incorporate these techniques with conventional methods, but their path to oral care applies alternative treatments. A holistic dentist may be another option for you that focus on your whole mind and body through treatments from mercury and toxin removal to cavitations and cavitation scanning.

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is another type of dental medicine. It’s also known as:

  • natural dentistry
  • alternative dentistry
  • integrative dentistry
  • natural dentistry
  • unconventional dentistry
  • biocompatible dentistry

This type of dentistry looms oral care from a holistic view. It makes you feel how oral health affects the whole body. Holistic dentistry treats oral problems by concentrating on all aspects of health i.e your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

What Accomplishes a Holistic Dentist?

A holistic dentist takes care of your’s oral health thoroughly, and they focus on:

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Medicinal treatments
  • Change in your food (if required)
  • Herbology (using herbs)
  • Homeopathy
  • Spiritual recovery
  • Cold laser treatment for temporomandibular disorders (TMD)

Holistic dentists analyze and treat diseases problems like tooth decay, gum disease, enamel degradation, dry mouth, etc. Instead of concentrating on dental cleaning, they offer you education to promote personal oral hygiene.

What are the benefits of holistic dentistry?

Despite its popularity, there are not many known facts about holistic dentistry.

You may choose holistic dentistry if you like:

  • natural remedies for your treatment
  • whole oral health care and treatment
  • biocompatible fabrics
  • detouring mercury or fluoride
  • alternative treatments

We need more research and findings if holistic dentistry delivers better dental care than traditional dentistry.

Are there risks of holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is not recommended to everyone. But if you have the following problems, you should consider meeting a general dentist.

History of tooth decay: Since holistic dentists do not endorse fluoride, you may have a risk for more tooth decay problems.

Dental infection: You may require emergency medical treatment if you need to undergo a root canal. Holistic dentists may suggest you pull an infected tooth rather than save it with a root canal treatment. They have their strategy and reasons.

Prescription medication: They will prescribe you herbal remedies and medication for your problem. That may be not considered in serious dental problems.

Chronic illness: There is not enough proof on the safety of holistic dentistry for people with certain chronic dental diseases.

We need more studies to understand the risks and side effects of holistic dentistry.

What are the reasons to meet a Holistic Dentist?

You could see a holistic dentist for various reasons. If you have an interest in alternative medicine, a holistic dentist is an exemplary choice. Even they are certified and trained dentists. They can deliver required services while using alternative methods and natural remedies. If you are looking for surgical treatment, then a holistic dentist uses surgery as a last alternative. They follow your health pattern and provide progress before advising any surgery to you.

In holistic dentistry, oral care goes beyond the teeth and gums as it focuses on your overall health. It’s not still clear if it’s necessarily safer or more useful than regular dentistry. If you’re curious about holistic dental care, check with a reputed and licensed dentist. We hope you enjoyed reading about this type of dentistry, we do have holistic dentists with us in our clinic. Do book an appointment with us. We can help you focus on overall dental health.

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